This Watch Could Star In Terminator 5

This Watch Could Star In Terminator 5

If you look very closely at the Urwerk UR-110 watch, you can just about make out a face. Not, like, a watch face. The face of an uncaring machine delivered to us with some nefarious intent. I love it.


The UR-110 has a layout that confused me at first, but is actually quite practical; by placing the time on the watch's right edge, you can see be subtle when you're checking just how long that presentation's been droning on. And amongst all that raw titanium, there's still a touch of whimsy: a "Oil Change" indicator that alerts you if your watch needs service.

My favorite part? Urwerk hasn't decided on a price yet. Which means that maybe—just maybe—the UR-110 will fall within my "whatever my spare change adds up to at the Coinstar."

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