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A black man in a white house

I just wonder, why it should be called a “white house” ? Is that merely because the colour of the house or building is white ? and why they made it white ? Why not blue, yelow, green, brown, or even…. black ? Is there any phylosophical issue or specific intention such as this: it has to be white in colour, because only white people who can occupy the house ? Now, what if one day a black man is elected to occupy the house.. no doubt, he is a breaker of a serie of 43 previously white men occupants.



If the colour of the house is reflecting the skin colour of the occupant, what if the colour of the house this time to be changed into black.. so it will be called black house instead. What do you think ? Do you prefer, a blackman in a white house; or a black man in a black house ?
See the combo breaker… (I got this picture from a friend of mine in a mailing list, thanks to Yoga “the wise janitor” for finding and sending the picture)