The first reviews of Apple's 3rd-generation iPad are in and the general consensus is that this is the tablet you've been waiting for—assuming you don't already own its predecessor.

New iPad Meta-Review: Are 4G and Retina Really That Great? Yes. They. Are.


Building a killer home theater involves more than just throwing a big wad of cash at your local electronics dealer. It requires planning, finesse, and scientific acoustic manipulation. The engineers at THX pioneered a lot of the methods and technologies used in today's top systems. So we took a trip to their San Rafael, California, headquarters to get a lesson from the masters. Here's what we learned.

Set Up Your Home Theater Like a THX Master


Nama Asli si Burung Biru Twitter - Sejak melenggang di dunia maya pada Maret 2006, Twitter tidak pernah menyebut nama logo burung yang dimilikinya.
Namun sejak tweet yang ditulis oleh salah satu karyawan situs mikroblogging ini pada 2 hari lalu, publik akhirnya mengetahui nama burung biru Twitter. Adalah

Nama Burung biru Twitter

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