Steals Millions From Cancer Hospital

Scumbag Steals Millions From Cancer Hospital With Printer Toner Scam

Scumbag Steals Millions From Cancer Hospital With Printer Toner Scam
As a receiving clerk for New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, 32-year-old Marque Gumbs made $37,000 a year. Well, that's how much he made officially. He actually raked in millions by ordering and flipping thousands of unneeded toner-ink cartridges.

It seemed like Marque Gumbs was just another office supply guy. When the hospital's printers needed new toner cartridges, he was responsible for ordering them from Office Depot, receiving them, and installing them in the facility's various printers. He got a $1000 paycheck every two weeks for doing it. But according to a recently filed criminal complaint, Gumbs wasn't just buying the toner the hospital needed—he actually ordered $3.8 million in unnecessary and incompatible cartridges over the last six years, none of which, authorities say, ever even made it into the hospital.
Here's how the scam worked: Before one of his special deliveries, Gumbs would call the Office Depot driver and arrange to meet him on the street instead of the usual receiving area. Then he'd sell toner in bulk, and he made quite a bit of money doing it. From October 2009 to August 2010 alone, Gumbs ordered $1.2 million in toner the hospital didn't need. He used that money to pay for a 2011 BMW X6 and a one-bedroom apartment in a Trump Plaza high rise, paying $50,000 in cash for the car's down payment. Not just a scumbag, but a flashy scumbag.
Thankfully, this detestable asshole was caught—surveillance footage shows him intercepting the toner deliveries and ferreting them off to the hospital's garage—and he's currently being held on a charge grand larceny in excess of $1 million. Hopefully they reserve a special place in hell for dudes who essentially steal millions from cancer patients.

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